Site assessment or analysis is not just a preliminary phase of architectural design methods; it is highly important process for numerous reasons. In fact, site assessment in home design and architecture is steadfast in studying the history, geography, infrastructure and legal aspects of the site. In fact, a Site analysis is so important that even a site assessment plan is devised for many projects.

A Good Design

A good design includes an awareness and knowledge of the sites environment. In fact, it is an essential part of the building platform and a prerequisite for successful construction. For instance, the building location is established by two different variables; the client’s desired location and the most obvious and beneficial location after analysis.

Site Assessment

Site assessment or analysis is in-depth research that focuses on potential and current conditions surrounding a building site. The research entails the variables of how the site will interact and coexist with its environment. The goal of the assessment is to provide important information concerning the liabilities and assets prior to designing the home or architecture.


The usual site assessment is comprised of the site location and size, zoning, geology, community environment, physiography including both man-made and natural features, climate, vegetation, soil, hydrology, wildlife, pedestrian and vehicle flow, historic factors, possible sensory aggravations, density, height and other factors applicable for the specific site.

In addition, there needs to be knowledge about these matters so that the design of the home or architecture is successful. The structure should be able to last many years and co-exist with the present and future issues of the site.

The key of having a site assessment is so that a good design is established and there is an excellent relationship between the site and the structure. In fact, harmony paired with beneficial site conditions is the secret and objective of the site analysis. Moreover, the site assessment will identify any issues or potential problems including site conditions that are allowed to be altered, removed, transformed or hidden.


The benefits of site assessment are many. Not only does it prevent potential loss from unforeseen elements but it gives you the best options for the site location. Site analysis also takes advantage of positive things that are in the sites location. It also protects the home and architecture against the negative aspects of the site.

To complete a site assessment, there are certain main factors that need to be considered such as natural forces and elements, cultural dynamics and aesthetic appeal.

A good design is not about short term building projects that drastically reduce costs and take short cuts. It’s about building dream homes with utmost quality and architectural design. In fact, there are numerous benefits of good architectural design in building homes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Without a doubt, a good design is aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, aesthetics are one of the main principals of architectural design. It concerns magnificence or the appreciation of splendor. It is also influenced by the artistic taste of the designer and individual. A good design will involve a number of aesthetic qualities:

• Scale
• Taste
• Rhythm
• Balance
• Contrast
• Harmony
• Symmetry
• Proportion
• Embellishment

When using different qualities, aesthetics can be applied by using certain elements such as segmental and semicircular arches, embellished columns, an inclining roof and elements to enhance the windows.

With high standards and principles, the evolution of the project will be outstanding. And with a good architectural design, the end product is pleasing to the eyes and has artistic taste.

Increases the Value of your Home

A good architectural design can greatly increase the value of your home. From basic curb appeal to a magnificent interior, an appealing design makes a big first impression. In addition, the two most important rooms are the kitchen and bathrooms. Efficient and ergo designed kitchens never go out of style. As well, an open living area is also a part of a preferred lifestyle. Moreover, the heart of the home has a lot of storage capacity. And when it comes to a well-designed bathroom, the most modern look includes an extension of a spa. It is a place to relax from everyday worries and stress.

Improved and Efficient Dynamics

A good design makes economic sense. It avoids the pitfalls of a quickly built house and focuses on the best design that will be most efficient. And by creating energy efficient homes many benefits are to be gained:

• Better lighting
• Maximizes space
• Reduces energy usage
• Meets the energy design target
• Maximizes existing natural systems
• Decreases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
• Creates a healthy and productive environment

Personal Style

A good architectural design will have the perfect balance that embraces your personal style with professional aptitude. There will always be a pairing between your distinct bravura and the designer’s requisite to have the home well-proportioned and balanced. As a result, your diverse needs are met along with having up-to-the-minute quality architectural design.

To succeed with home construction, you must plan all the elements down to the last detail. Only by doing so, will the results be what you envision in the first place. Below, are the 10 most important things to consider when you plan your home construction.

1. Understand the Extent of Your Budget

Before proceeding with any plans or construction tasks, you must understand your budget limitations. Once the process begins, the costs can escalate quickly and it is quite easy to spend more than you can afford for your home.

2. Hire an Experienced Contracting Company

After determining your budget, hire a reputable, professional contracting company. Search out one that includes design services along with other ones to ensure that you will not need to seek out other companies to finish the project.

3. Ensure That There Are No Issues with the Land

The land needs to be free of issues that may cause problems for your home’s foundation. Geological surveys and soil tests are among the ways to determine if certain problems need addressing before you proceed.

4. Size of the House That Suits the Lot

You should have a certain amount of room for landscaping around your house. In order for this to happen, you must decide on what size of house is appropriate for your lot.

5. Exterior Style of the Home

Early on in the planning process, you will need to determine the exterior style of the house since it will dictate the overall shape of it.

6. Consider How Many Bathrooms and Bedrooms Will Accommodate Your Needs

Another important consideration is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that the house should contain to address the needs of you and your family.

7. The Other Types of Rooms That You Wish to Include in the House

Make a decision as to the other types of rooms that the house will contain, such as a family room, living room, kitchen, office, laundry room and dining room.

8. Room Placement

You will need to okay the placement of each room in the home. For example, think about whether or not you wish the morning sun to enter through the master bedroom windows.

9. Receive Permits and Permissions From the Local Authorities

Even though the construction company will probably perform these tasks for you, you are the one that is ultimately responsible for receiving the necessary permits and permissions from the local authorities to proceed with your home construction.

10. Ensure That All the Wiring and Plumbing Complies with the Codes in Your Area

Ensure that all the plans include wiring and plumbing that will comply with local codes. The codes are there for your safety.

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Whether you are building or renovating your home, selecting the best home builder is crucial. In fact, choosing the right home builder is imperative to the success and satisfaction of your project.

Within the scope of the home building industry, there are a variety of companies that state they are true professionals. But the true meaning of a home builder does not include just any person with a truck and tool box. And undoubtedly, hiring a contractor that is not experienced will almost certainly cost you quite a bit.

However, a good home builder will know all the procedures and will walk you through each step. As well, a true professional will keep the project within your budget and inside the time frame. And what makes a home builder unmatched, is their supreme expertise and other fine features.

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