Checklist to Remember before Building Your Home Swimming Pool

June 16th, 2017

If you are planning to build a swimming pool on your home property, it is important to consider all the major aspects of pool construction and safety during the early design stages. Of course, you want your new pool to be a well-designed, fashionable addition to your home that will provide many hours of pure, healthy enjoyment for you, the other members of your household and all your friends. At the same time, you want to ensure that your spacious pool and the surrounding poolside area are carefully designed to comply with all current safety features and requirements.

You also want to be sure that your pool is completely secured whenever it is not in use. As a responsible homeowner, you want to make your neighborhood as safe as possible for all residents of the area, including small children and pets. You understand the vital importance of installing secure fencing, gates and locks to enclose your swimming pool and secure it from entrance by anyone who might suffer harm or injury when you are not present.

Checklist of Points to Remember Before Building Your Home Swimming Pool

If you are building an indoor swimming pool for your home, the necessary security measures needed to secure it when you are away will be simpler than those required for installation of an outdoor pool. With an indoor pool, you will just need to install doors with reliable locks in order to protect your family and friends of young ages or those who may be non-swimmers, from falling into your pool unnoticed. However, if you are building an outdoor home pool, you should heed the following points carefully before beginning the construction of your pool:

• Registered Builder and Building Contract. – Check to ensure that your swimming pool builder is currently registered with the Victorian Building Authority to perform construction costing over $5,000, with materials and labour costs included. Never let a pool construction and installation company start work on your residential pool without first signing a written building contract with this company. Make sure, as well, that this contract requires the pool builder to provide a temporary safety barrier to prevent anyone from entering the area and becoming injured while your new pool is under construction.

• Building Permit and Qualified Blueprint.
– You or your builder will need to acquire a building permit for both your new swimming pool and its safety barrier before any construction work can begin. You must also have accurate, detailed drawings of your pool’s design from an architect, a professional draftsman or a registered swimming pool construction company. These drawings are required to show the location of the pool, placement of the safety barriers and information about the water network design and the pool filtration system.

• Owner-Builder Status. – If you have made the decision to become a pool owner-builder, you must acquire a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority for all work performed that costs more than $16,000. You must also obtain your building permit and either directly supervise or perform the actual building job yourself, being careful to satisfy all construction requirements and quality standards. The initial step is to obtain a certificate of consent and then your building permit.

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