Home Renovation Checklist for The New Year: What Should Be Your Priorities?

January 25th, 2017

Whether this is your first home or you want to upgrade your existing place, creating a checklist before making any changes is a must. A home renovation checklist will save you time and money by helping you set priorities. In fact, it is important to be organized with both small and large projects. Plus it makes the experience much more enjoyable and stress free.

Make a List

Your list needs to include exactly what you want changed such as installing new appliances, removing a wall to free up space or creating a new room. On your list, separate your wants from you needs. This makes it much easier to prioritize and stay within budget. Also, pursue inspirational material for ideas in design and layout.

Have a Budget

It is very important to have a budget. You also want to allow for unforeseen expenses which always seem to arise when renovating. Experts generally recommend about 10 percent. Your budget will also help determine which projects are best for a contractor and which ones you can do yourself. Also, when you calculate your budget, make sure to factor in repair and long term maintenance costs.

Make a Timeline

Make a timeline so that you stay on track of a schedule. The timeline should include your renovation from beginning to end. Make sure your timelines lists all projects. As well, when creating your timeline, do not forget about the seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall all have their drawbacks on what and how you renovate.

Also, decide on whether you can live in your home while renovating. Usually small projects allow you to stay in your home, but larger projects may require that you live elsewhere. As well, once you have your timeline and start date, arrange for trash removal or a dumpster and retain a storage space for furniture.

Consider Hiring a Contractor

An experienced contractor can save you a lot of frustration, especially with projects that need expertise. As well, a professional contractor can help you stay focused so that projects are done more efficiently and in a timely manner. In fact, an expert contractor can help you stay within budget and meet your deadlines.

Managing Projects

With your contractor, it is best to define which projects should be done first before doing any renovation. And if several rooms are getting the same update such as flooring or door replacements, it is advised that all rooms be done at the same time. On the other hand, when remodeling a common living space like the bathroom or kitchen, it is best to work on that room for so it can be used as soon as possible.

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