Important Aspects in Architectural Design that will Increase the Value of Your Home

May 31st, 2017

If you are planning to build a new home or start a major renovation project on your current house in the Melbourne area and surrounding regions, be sure to work with the best home design and construction team to satisfy your specific needs. Perhaps you are considering adding an extension to your home or including a beautifully landscaped garden on your property for summer entertaining and relaxation. You may want terraced walkways or a large new deck adjoining your outdoor pool with a covered area where you and your guests can enjoy tall drinks, party foods or light meals on warm evenings. Whatever building or remodeling job you want to start for enhancing your home environment and lifestyle, you will need experienced, professional architects, builders and craftsmen to ensure top quality results. Above all, you want the best possible architectural design at the beginning stages of your home improvement project for increasing the value of your property.

Major Aspects and Features of Architectural Design for Raising Your Home Property’s Value

• Additional Storeys to Emphasize Architectural Style. – If your home is a Victorian style structure, you may want to accent or embellish the overall design by incorporating additional Victorian features or decor elements when adding a new storey or storeys to your house. For example, if your home’s existing floors display stained glass window designs with rectangular leading around each inset of coloured glass and rectangular window frames, this squared design effect can be tastefully softened by including a Victorian cornice design like the Egg and Dart pattern. This cornice style, with its repetitive pattern of rounded and elongated forms, adds a pleasing visual enhancement to offset the strong rectangular lines of the windows.

• Home Extensions to Accent Main Design Features.
– If you and your home design and building team are working together to finalize plans for adding an extension to your home for use as guest accommodations or a family recreation area, this structure may be only one or two storeys in height. However, your Victorian house most likely stands three to five storeys high. To equalize the contrast in horizontal and vertical visual effects when combining these two designs, you may want to include some frontal Square Tuscan columns in the plans for your extension. Since these columns have a squared, but simple and minimalist design that accents their vertical lines and height, they will help to add some visual height to the overall look of your new home extension. You may also want to add a one-storey portico to one side of your house to give it a wider look to the viewer’s perspective.

• Landscaped Walkways to Delight and Intrigue.
– When you and your architect, builder and home renovations team include enhancements to your home’s lawn and garden areas, you will intrigue your guests and delight all the members of your household. By adding winding garden paths with flower-covered arboretums and lush green mazes bordered by tall hedges or lattices filled with climbing roses or other richly blooming plants, you will fashion unique, enticing natural pathways leading to your outdoor pool, deck, patio or scenic garden fountain.

By contacting the excellent architects, designers, builders and renovators at Pinnacle Builders, serving Melbourne and all surrounding areas, you will benefit from top quality advice and comprehensive home design and building services. When you choose this fine team to skillfully design a new home or renovate your current home with additional storeys, extensions or exterior walkways that accent and enhance a particular design with additional stylistic features, you will greatly increase the overall value of your home property.

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