Sustainable Modern Design Concepts for Homes

April 28th, 2017

To create an environmentally friendly house today, you need to begin with the right sustainable modern design concepts for homes. Only by doing this, will you accomplish your goal on an optimal level. Many contracting companies promise sustainability, but not all of them deliver it in an in-depth manner. Below, you will find specific features that you should be certain that a contracting company includes in your home for it to be eco-friendly in numerous ways.

Passive Heating and Cooling Features

The correct orientation of your home along with large windows will produce passive heating in the winter months to help reduce your power consumption. Here in Australia, these windows should face north to slightly east of north whenever possible when heating for the cold winter months is the main goal. In addition, when the windows are on a north-facing wall, it is easy to shade them appropriately during hot weather with pergolas, plantings and eaves while still allowing sufficient sunlight to flow into the house in the winter.

Other passive cooling options include open house designs and breezeways that allow air to flow through the house to provide relief from the warm to hot weather without resorting to air conditioning all the time. Just a few hours of this type of cooling a day can add up to substantial savings in only a short time.

Select as Many Eco-Friendly Materials as Possible for Your Home

You need to choose materials for your house according to their sustainability and their non-polluting ability. Wood from recycled sources or sustainable forests is one example of these materials. Another example is construction supplies and finishes that give off little, if any, formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Both of these can make your house less healthy to live in by spoiling its air quality.

Add a Renewable Energy System

Another part of effective, sustainable modern design concepts for homes that should be part of your house is the addition of a renewable energy system, such as a solar power one. You will need an ideal location and orientation for your house to receive the proper benefits of this feature. Once it is operational, you can save up to at least, 30 percent, if not more, on your power bills. After installation, you do not pay for the electricity that the solar power system generates.

Install Plumbing Features That Conserve on Water

Your plumbing features should include low-flow toilets and tapware that conserve water. Water is a precious element in our resource today that is not always plentiful during times of drought.

Consult with Pinnacle Builders to create a house that includes the above sustainable modern design concepts for homes. In addition, we can supply further ideas to help you receive a home that is kind to the environment while being attractive and highly functional for your lifestyle.

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