Things to Consider When Adding Storeys to Your House

April 20th, 2017

There are a variety of important aspects to consider when you are adding more storeys to your house. For instance, you will want to determine just how cost-effective the addition of more storeys will be. In some cases, it may be less expensive to consider additions or extensions to your home’s existing floors. It may also be more practical to add rooms to the current storeys of your house depending on for what purposes you want to add new rooms or sections. However, if you do decide to add more floors to your home, be sure to consult an expert home builder with good connections to residential architects and interior designers for top quality advice before you start your home improvement project.

Items to Discuss With Your Home Building Expert Before Adding New Storeys

Important subjects to discuss with your home building experts prior to finalizing plans to build new storeys on your current home include the following:

  • Strength and Stability of Your Home’s Foundation. – First of all, determine with the help of your building professionals whether or not your current home’s structure has a foundation that is stable and strong enough to support additional storeys. There is nothing worse than starting to construct new floors for your home, only to discover that the foundations of your house cannot support and sustain the weight and stress of these additional floors.
  • Capacity of Your Home to Accommodate More Stairways or a Home Elevator System. – Depending on the size and design of your current home, the addition of more storeys may require the construction of extensive new stairways or perhaps a home elevator system for accessing these new floors. While some homes may have sound and solid structures that can accommodate and support new stairways and at least one elevator installation, others will not have strong enough frames and construction elements to accommodate such new improvements.
  • Building Requirements or Restrictions in Your Neighborhood. – If your locale or neighborhood has building regulations that may prevent the addition of new storeys to your home, be sure to find out about them and understand all stipulations before putting money into your plans for building new floors. Even if such restrictions may cause disappointment at the present time, following them will prevent the expense of making costly required alterations to your home later to comply with local building laws.

For the best advice when considering adding new storeys to your home, consult the experts at Pinnacle Builders. You will be very glad that you sought their professional, reliable expertise before beginning this extensive home improvement project.

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