Tips on Making Your Home Marketability and Investment Worth It

January 31st, 2017

Once you own a house, your primary goal with it needs to be how to safeguard your home marketability and investment in order to preserve and possibly increase its overall value. By following through with this goal, when it comes time to sell your house, buyers will give your property serious consideration instead of quickly moving on to the next property on their list. Follow our tips here in this information, and you will care for your home’s value in an effective manner.

1. Create Curb Appeal

You may wonder what the term ‘curb appeal’ means in relation to your house. It simply means how attractive your house is to all of those who drive or walk by it. Two main ways of creating this type of appeal are an attractive front exterior of the house and lush landscaping features. The reason this is vital is the fact that it provides a favourable first impression to potential buyers or your guests and visitors.

2. Landscaping Increases Property Value

On top of creating curb appeal, landscaping your front, back and side yards will increase your property value. You may think this will only up the value by a few hundred dollars, but the truth is that you can add thousands of dollars onto the market price of your house with this element.

3. Maintain the Exterior of the House

You need to maintain all of the exterior parts of your house from the roof down to the foundation to ensure that it is in ideal condition. If the roof or gutter system is in disrepair, either element can allow water to damage the roof’s integrity and lead to interior damage on the ceilings and walls. On top of this, the gutter system is crucial to the foundation’s health since it is responsible for moving the water drainage away from the foundation.

4. Care for the Inside of Your House on an Ongoing Basis

Clean and maintain the house’s interior on an ongoing basis. When you do this, you will have an easier time preparing it for market when the time comes to sell it.

5. Update the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most valuable rooms in the house when it comes to your home’s marketability. For this reason, you may wish to update these rooms with new cabinetry, fixtures and decor if they are out of style. Only perform this renovation, though, when it is absolutely necessary to ensure a return on your investment.

For further tips on making your home marketability and investment worth it, contact Pinnacle Builders. We specialise in renovation and construction projects for the home and also offer design services.

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